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TREND FT/250X80X30 250mm x 30mm 80T Saw Blade



  • D=10 inches
  • D=250 mm
  • Bore=30 mm
  • Kerf=3.2 mm
  • Plate thick=2.2 mm
  • No. of Teeth=80
  • Tooth form=ATB
  • Hook=10 degrees
  • Quick Selector No.=25
  • Colour Code=Yellow
  • Type=Fine Trim/Finishing
  • Euro pin holes=2/7/42 - 2/9/46 - 2/10/60
  • Cut Finish=Extra fine

Further Info

  • These blades are laser cut from hardened, chrome alloyed steel plate which is then tempered and roller tensioned
  • The bore is accurately reamed to ensure precise balance
  • Micro-granular carbide tips are used to give long lasting performance in a wide range of materials and to provide the maximum number of resharpenings
  • For finishing or fine trimming applications

Product Details

Product Ref: TRENDFT/250X80X30

MPN: FT/250X80X30

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